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How Civilian Airlines are involved in Chemtrials—-the actual chemistry

17 Mar
Hi,  Here is the key to the Civilian Chemtrails,  They use Boron that is placed in a Lubricity and Fungal / Bacterial chemical placed in the jet fuel’s distribution.   Burning Boron chemicals in jets makes compounds of Boron that are hygroscopic, such as Boron Nitride and Boric Oxide, BN and B2O3.   These compounds seed persistent clouds in the tropopause region of the atmosphere.   At lower altitudes, the high water content of the atmosphere shift the releases toward Borane, BH3, compounds that generally decompose to boric acid that is toxic to bees and insects.

The Maud’deb traces to the movie called Dune, which is basically about Masons and their games to reinvent the 2nd temple.   Maud’deb is the allegorical term for Oak Ridge National Lab, which is highly controlled by Scottish Rite Masons.  Mason allegory was all over the Manhattan Project.  Trinity was the Bomb site, but the alteration of Trinity in the Bible was the key to Empire and Imperialism.   At the Bomb site stands today a nice Pyramid stone monument, which Masons like as their Stone Masons analogies.  Masons always have to get back to temple worship, so the plant in Oak Ridge was named X-10 in the war (now Oak Ridge National Lab), which was symbolic for God=X and Ten Commandments.   Similarly, The nuclear bomb factory was called Y-12, which was symbolic for Yahweh and the 12 disciples.  This all comes from the Masons that ran the project, which was started by Mason FDR, the President.

Oak Ridge, Tn was in the heart of the South and loaded with Scottish Rite Masons, and the plants offered jobs to Masons.   Oak Ridge National Lab came up with the idea to use Boron loaded fuel in Commercial Jets to do what Edward Teller proposed to make a scattering shield in the sky to alter the issues of the planet’s warming due to problem of the Ozone Hole being caused by Freon releases that upset the Ocean’s Cloud Forming systems of the Sulfur Cycle that tossed the natural thermostat of the oceans out of regulation.

It is a very simple system that just uses a Boron Biocide and Lubrocity chemical that controlled contamination in jet fuel transportation, because Boron was toxic to Fungus and Bacteria.   It also formed persistent clouds in the tropopause region of the atmosphere.   Drawbacks were insect toxicity connected with Bee CCD and other problems.    It is also considered illegal, because it is climate change modification.    Look up Boron chemtrails and you will find a good deal of how it is done using commercial jets, as other info leakers are coming out.